Introduction to Philosophy

Online Course

Presented by the Auckland and WEllington Schools of PHilosophy

Sometimes, it can be useful to examine what our true purpose and direction in life may be.

You might be asking questions like, “What is life all about?” and “How do I make good choices in difficult situations?”

The School of Philosophy is offering an online Introduction to Philosophy in early June.

You will learn:


Ways of approaching big questions like, How we find purpose in life?


How to see choices in situations


To refine the power of reason and sharpen memory


Simple mindfulness techniques


How to gain a sense of fulfillment in your life, no matter what the circumstances.

Course details

The online course is 10 once a week sessions of about 75 minutes.

This is a special offer of $20 for courses starting in early June.

Each session features material drawn from a variety of sources. There will be lots of opportunities for discussion as well as reflection on personal experience. Links to reading materials will be provided as part of the course.

There are 4 options: Tuesday morning, Wednesday evenings, Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings.

See the dates and times below and enrol in the option that works best for you.

Dates and times

Tuesday 10.00am, starting 9 June 2020

Wednesday 7.30pm, starting 10 June 2020

Thursday 7.30pm, starting 11 June 2020

Saturday 10.00am, starting 13 June 2020

Enrolment for the June courses will be open until after the second week (Sat 20 June).

There will be further courses starting in July, September and October.

For further information about the course content please call 04 801 9823 or email

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They are registered Charitable Trusts.